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Youth Volunteers

Other than your school requirement to meet a specific number of volunteering hours, have you ever wondered why some people volunteer? What is it that inspires them and what are the get out of all that hard work?

What is truly inspiring is that the answer for everyone is different, but here are some of the reasons we have heard over the years we have worked with volunteers.

Making connections, putting your skills to the test and building your Volunteering CV

— volunteers have the opportunity to gain experiences in so many fields which can be listed on their CV’s, and you get the chance to explore new opportunities, and to create an impact, even by volunteering Virtually.

Developing new skills and attending trainings.

Volunteer commitments can open doors to educational and work opportunities, and they take us into uncharted territory and encourage us to tackle new or different projects.

Are you moved by a cause or carrying on a family tradition with a specific organisation.

Many organisations, NPO’s and NGO’s as well as faith-based communities, tell us that that their membership and volunteers are loyal and have the next generation join because it is tradition. It is comfortable and familiar to be a part of something you know and love and getting family and friends to join you makes the experience more enjoyable and more impactful.

“Giving back” and setting the example.

Making the world a better place one action at a time is important. Spending time at a soup kitchen or paying it forward and getting involved in your community are all ways to make a difference. How you spend your time shows what you really value and prioritise, and Community Hours will help you to track your community engagement and help you to grow your Volunteering CV.

And finally Volunteering “makes my heart happy!”

Various studies show volunteering reduces stress, decreases loneliness, takes the focus off your problems, provides you with a new perspective and makes you healthier. So, the next time you volunteer and have that warm feeling when things go well, savour it and consider it a gift to yourself.  We call this the “Givers Glow” and we see it lighting up our cities, one kind action at a time.

If you are looking for ways to volunteer in your community, join our world!  Community Hours has a database filled with volunteering opportunities in so many different areas and fields that you are bound to find something which makes volunteering inspiring, sustainable and fun.

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