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How do we get involved?

Contact us, and we’ll send you a pack explaining everything. We are also fully prepared to come to the school to give a presentation to your learners and Life Orientation teachers.

Can our school benefit?

Schools registered with Community Hours have access to reporting mechanisms and real time data and feedback – from both teens and organisations. Due to our extensive networks and knowledge of the NPO sector, we offer assistance and advice for all matters community service related. We are thought leaders and we are here to share our networks with you!

Is there any incentive for the learners to complete more hours?

Our long term goal is to encourage teens to complete more hours than is required by their schools. We believe that if teens can go out and really enjoy volunteering, this is an achievable goal and we can expect many more active citizens effecting change.

We have learners applying to do a medical degree. They require substantially more community service hours. Will they be catered for?

Yes, we offer numerous volunteering opportunities at medical and healthcare facilities.

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