Volunteer Safety

Volunteer Safety

Community Hours is passionately committed to your safety. We will do everything possible to prevent accidents while you are volunteering, and we are committed to providing a safe volunteering environment for the everyone.  But safety is a shared concern – it is important that you take all reasonable steps to ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the organization at which you choose to work.  These include but are not limited to – the wearing of specific clothing, wearing hats, sunscreen when asked to do so. 

COVID19 protocols insist that the wearing of masks and gloves is mandatory – please ensure that you always do this.  Social distancing can be challenging when volunteering, but please do everything possible to maintain appropriate distancing.  Wash hands frequently and take precautions by taking sanitiser with you to all volunteering opportunities.

Please ensure that you have sufficient water and snacks for the duration of your volunteering experience – and check with the organization before you arrive if they provide any snacks or drinks as part of the opportunity.

You are encouraged to report any situations which make you feel unsafe should you find these while at the organization and all accidents/incidents (no matter how small) should be reported to the supervisor on duty.

Accident prevention is good practice. This is why we ask that all volunteers comply with all safety and health regulations as well as all organization rules that apply at the volunteering engagement at which you choose to volunteer.

The organization is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for volunteers, BUT  everyone at must be involved and committed to safety for themselves, their colleagues, the organisation and the community it serves . This must be a team effort. Together, we can prevent accidents and injuries and keep each other safe and healthy.

Community Hours Terms and Conditions always apply – to access these should you like to review them – please click here.


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