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Tired of hearing excuse after excuse as to why your learners haven’t completed their community service hours?  Teachers are required to manage in classroom learning, virtual teaching, assist with extra mural activities and extra lessons, setting and marking exams, and all of this on an ongoing rotation.  Following up with organisations to check if the hours reported by learners as community engagement were completed, tracking the hours the engagement and the outcomes, and remembering where all the documents have been filed can be daunting and exhausting. 

Community Hours is delighted to advise all teachers that we have an on -line solution to the challenges of finding age appropriate, safe, engaging volunteering opportunities for your learners, and we are positioned to help both you and your learners to manage and exceed these challenges.  In addition to this – all hours logged and verified as your learners become active citizens are available on the volunteer’s profile for the duration of their school career.

We offer reporting of verified hours per learner and can tailor-make additional reports to support each school’s individual requirements.

Inspiring enquiring minds is the job of the educator, motivating and tracking meaningful and sustainable community engagement is ours!  In partnership we can stimulate active citizenship for the learners at your school.

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No matter where you live,
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Once you are registered, you will
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Hours profile. Log your hours,
track the verification process,
see the number of hours
completed, and print digital
certifcates and reports
- all online.

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