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The Core

The core of our program is to match volunteers to volunteering opportunities. Via our web portal, volunteers can search, select and book to volunteer at organisations which speak to them. Community Hours does the rest – we manage the booking, verify the hours, provide data to parents and teachers, and provide the learners with a digital recording and reporting mechanism. Volunteers who are registered with us are able to log all completed hours online and print certificates detailing their engagement.


The Advantages

Volunteers are offered a range of volunteering opportunities. Everything is online – no more community service cards that get lost, no more fudging the system. Reporting to schools is tailor-made to facilitate each school’s specific needs.


Communication is Key

Communication is key to ensure that volunteering stays top of mind. We send out
“Ready, Steady, Volunteer”
our regular e-newsletter featuring exciting volunteering opportunities to all teens, their parents and all registered volunteers on our platform.

Community Hours
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“Community service and volunteerism is a growing movement around the world. What is being introduced in high school through the community service component of the Life Orientation is just a beginning. The hope is that our young people will become active citizens who commit to leading a life of contribution long after they leave school. In South Africa, we live with Nelson Mandela’s 67 Minutes legacy. While this is a fabulous initiative reminding our nation to give back every year, we want our youth to grow up to contribute regularly throughout the year and not just once a year. Let’s teach them how they can change the world through community service.”

Nikki Bush -

Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker
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The Team

Sarah has spent a lifetime working with people. Her passion is to find ways to make a difference, and make it meaningful. A travel story teller on radio, an inveterate traveller and a deeply committed “up-lifter” of people and causes, Sarah has found her equilibrium designing and implementing projects which make the world in which we live a better place than it was yesterday. From Fine Arts to Feeding schemes, from paw prints to plausible implementation, Sarah is driven by sustainable volunteering.

Co-founder of Community Hours, Marina is an attorney specializing in Sectional Title Law, Director at BBM Law, co-author of the best-selling book De “mist”ifing Sectional Title, qualified Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators, board member of St Andrew’s School for Girls, and board member of the Community Scheme Ombud.

Awarded Lead SA

Hero of the Month

– March 2015
 “Through the Community Hours program you have created a pathway which makes it easier for young South Africans to make a difference through giving back to different charities and South Africans. That is the true spirits of Lead SA.”

Register Now

Simply complete the online registration page. Your information is private and confidential and must be approved by your parent / guardian.
Community Hours is a Subscription Based Portal

You choose how to volunteer

The decision about which type of organisation appeals to you is in your hands!

Log Your Hours

Volunteers log their completed commitments to the organisations they supported, and Community Hours does the rest. We verify, approve and update your Volunteering CV and help you to manage your social impact. #VolunteeringinAction is real!

Become a Leader

Leaders become leaders by serving others and by understanding the needs of the less fortunate. By using your time and knowledge constructivly, you are effectively sharpening your leadership skills.


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Our enthusiastic team is ready and available to help you on Monday-Friday between 08h30 and 16h00.

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