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We are living in an age of choice and instant gratification. We move at a fast pace and teens must go to great lengths to achieve everything that they need to get done. Parents are similarly hard pressed to juggle work and keep up with their children – to manage their academic demands, sports & cultural commitments as well as social activities. We are stress rich and time poor.

Community service has been perceived as a challenge for both parents and children – with the omnipresent question of “where do I send my teen? Will it be safe? How long will it take to get a letter confirming their service? How can I fit community service into an already demanding schedule? My teen is unmotivated and reluctant to go, they are not being engaged and not really engaging or doing community service, they are ticking a box…”

Community Hours was founded by parents of teenagers, and we shared your frustrations.  Since inception we have listened to parents, engaged with teens, worked to understand the needs of Organisations, studied the LO curriculum, and interviewed educators. We are proud to have launched the first paperless, streamlined online platform in South Africa focused solely on encouraging volunteerism and engaging communities.

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