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Is there a cost to joining Community Hours?

There is an annual subscription to Community Hours – your subscription runs for one year from the date you register, and gives you access to:
• The full database of volunteering opportunities. Volunteering opportunities are updated daily and you will find these under the Volunteer Here page
• A bi-monthly newsletter of suggested volunteering ideas
• Tracking and verification of your Volunteering CV
• Reporting on all verified volunteering completed
• Certificates for all verified volunteering
• A full digital repository for all your volunteering commitments.

Please contact us for more information about what your subscription includes:

Is there a cost to volunteer?

Some organisations request your support by way of bringing items to support the work they do (tins of dog food for example), wherever this applies, you will see this in the information details on the volunteering page of the activity you have chosen to participate in.
In most, but not all instances there is no additional cost to volunteer, but we always ask that volunteers are respectful of the work that the organisations do, and if you are able to, or if you would like to support the organisations by taking additional items with you, they will always be appreciated.

I’ve been volunteering for a few years at an organisation and I love the work that they do. Can they get involved with Community Hours?

On-boarding new organisations, who can post exciting, out-of-the-box volunteering opportunities, is vital to our platform. We are always on the lookout for organisations who have NGO or NPO accreditations. Send us their details and we’ll make contact!

Can I volunteer at the same organisation all the time?

It is very important to check with your school and their community service criteria. While it is wonderful to develop a relationship with an organisation, a requirement of some schools is that you spend time with at least 3 different organisations. It’s all about you finding opportunities that you really enjoy and connect with. We are all different, so for some people, working with children is their favourite thing, while others prefer the elderly. You may be an eco-warrior who loves our environmental opportunities, while your friend cannot wait to go to our sporting events. Keep in mind though, that to really grow as a person, you should open yourself up to a variety of opportunities to see what you really love!

I would love to provide feedback about the organisation where I volunteered. How can I do this?

We welcome all feedback, not only about organisations but how we can improve our service offering too. Please engage with us by emailing

Can I get involved even if my school is not part of your program?

Yes, absolutely! All you do is register with us. There is a minimal annual fee which can be paid by credit card during the registration process. Let your school know about our system and connect us. We visit schools all the time and can meet your teachers to tell them about Community Hours and ask them to join.

Can I take my little brother or sister along with me to volunteer?

You just need to let the organisation know. We are happy to tell you that we have created many more family volunteering opportunities where younger kids are more than welcome! Just remember that parents must be there to supervise children under the age of 13.

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