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Do we have to pay to join Community Hours?

There are no fees requested from organisations looking to join the Community Hours platform – the service is completely FREE.

What is the criteria for an organisation to register?

The main criteria is that you are registered with Social Development and that you have a NPO / NGO number. If you are a registered entity, we would love for you to join our platform. Organisations are required to facilitate out-of-the-box volunteering opportunities for volunteers in a safe and secure environment, to verify all volunteering hours logged within 3 working days (this is really easy - all happens at the click of a button), and to make use of the Volunteering Hub and Ready, Steady, Volunteer to publicise events and opportunities.

How do I manage the number of volunteers for our volunteering opportunity?

The number of volunteers that you require per volunteering opportunity is completely managed by you. You set the parameters for the number of volunteers that you require and once the limit is reached, volunteers will no longer be able to sign up.

How do I know how many volunteers are attending a volunteering event and what if I need to get in touch with them?

Leading up to the volunteering opportunity, you will receive email correspondence about the volunteers that have signed up. This will enable you to plan your volunteering opportunity effectively. 2 days before your volunteering opportunity, you will receive an emailed list with all volunteers that will be attending.

We are planning a huge event and we need a lot of volunteers – how can Community Hours assist us?

Community Hours' effective communication tool – our bimonthly newsletter. Ready, Steady, volunteer – is the perfect platform for you to engage volunteers and to tell a large targeted audience about what you are doing. Ready, Steady, Volunteer coupled with our Volunteering Hub – will give you maximum exposure. Please get in touch so that we may assist you.

Can we provide feedback on the volunteers?

Please do! We have made it super easy for you – while you are approving the volunteering hours, there is a feedback section which enables you to provide feedback and comments. You can also choose who should see the feedback – parents, teachers, teens.

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